Thursday, July 09, 2009

Eclipse Memory Analyzer, 10 useful tips/articles

The Eclipse Memory Analyzer has been shipped with Eclipse 3.5 Galileo and I planned to start a new series here about memory usage antipatterns and how to analyze them with MAT.
Unfortunately I'm pretty busy these days and I will need more time for those posts.
But, due to popular demand I decided it would make sense to post some good links (ok, I admit some of them are from myself) about how to use the Eclipse Memory Analyzer.
Please forgive me if I missed some important ones, but I'm really hungry now and therefore just stopped after 10 tips ;)

  1. How to really measure memory usage: The absolute fundamentals
  2. Check the online help. It has a pretty good introduction chapter.
  3. Memory leaks are easy to find: Learn how to analyze memory leaks
  4. Check also one click leak analysis if this is your problem :]
  5. Memory usage analysis: Learn the fundamental approach for finding the owner of a set of objects
  6. A typical issue in Goggles Android UI framework: Learn how to analyze memory usage on Googles android platform. Shows a typical issue that can be solved by using lazy initialization.
  7. Never forget to take a look at your Strings: Learn why String.intern() can be useful
  8. A tip for analysis Equinox based applications: Learn about a special feature for Eclipse based applications.
  9. Analysing perm size/classloader  problems: Perm size problems can be nasty. Check why a Jruby core developer likes MAT ;)
  10. If you like webinar's here's an introduction presented by the developers.

Just read my memory related blogs: Oh that was number 11, but who cares? ;)