Monday, January 25, 2010

New Memory Analyzer release

A new version of the Eclipse Memory analyzer is available for download and from the update site.
This is the last 0.8 release and from now on working on the 1.0 release will start.
This is a bug fix release and here's the list of the most important bugs fixed:

294350 StackOverflowError in ArrayUtils.hybridsort
270777 The dialog font not apply to the ArgumentWizard
281311 Merged Paths from GC roots calculation may slow down the Leak Suspects report
273915 New resolvers URL, Point and Rectangle
299283 Allow dynamic specification of file extensions for parsers
299497 DTFJ Adapter retains memory
272887 No JvmInfo in Heap Dump details pane
274539 Overview pane is missing scroll bars
297458 Single object queries have a confusing dialog box
254864 Leaking Memory after closing the Heap Dump Editor


Deepak Srivastava said...

This is great Markus. Keep it up!!!

Chris Aniszczyk (zx) said...

Awesome work!

I'm anxiously awaiting the 1.0 release ;)

Chris Aniszczyk (zx) said...

Hey Markus, you should be syndicated on PlanetEclipse! Can you please file a bug to get syndicated!?

Markus Kohler said...

Thanks Chris!
I will file a bug.

Lars said...

Markus, congratulations to the new release! Cheers, Lars

Gilles said...

Congratulations and please keep up your excellent work. I am still promoting this excellent piece of software where- and whenever I can.

Anjan said...
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Anjan said...
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mrknaughty said...
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Amit said...

Hi All,
We have been facing the problem of heap dumps getting generated in our QA Env, the size of the dumps is over 1 GB and the format is .phd
We have tried various tools to analyze it including ones that are mentioned on IBM Website but get the following error
Opening '' as a 'Portable Heap Dump file' ...
Fatal exception : java.lang.Error: Unexpected error:
at HR.input.NPHDParserImpl.(
at HR.main.Launcher.openFile(
at HR.main.Launcher.main(

The other methods of using Memory Analyzer have also not yielded any success. In one of the tutorials, it was mentioned to write a class which would eventually leak memory and then run it using -XX:+HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError. I have the following Questions
1) Has anyone done an analysis of .phd formats over 1.5 GB, if yes - How
2) I have the entire source code from my project and write a class in it which leaks memory, the Memory Analyzer Report which I get does not show anything about the other classes that I have, What am I not doing correctly here
Please let me know

Amit said...

Another option that we are tying is to generate heap dumps in .txt format.

Prasanti said...

Hi Amit,
Even I am facing the same issue. Getting the same exception. If you were you able to resolve it, please let me know.

PHP Development said...
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