Monday, January 26, 2009

First Android/Dalvik heap dump loaded into the Memory Analyzer

Here you go.
I thought that Linux would be a better choice then Windows :)

Ok, to be honest the converter tool from the Dalvik format to hprof did not work on Windoof.

This is showing an old version of the SAP Memory Analyzer, because I'm lazy and no newer version was available on the Linux machine.

Thanks to Romain Guy for his assistance.
More on this tomorrow.

[update:] Could not resist and looked for duplicated Strings:

There's quite some potential for optimizations ...


sharyu said...

Hi. I am trying to analyse android heap dump. But I don't know where to get the converter tool from the Dalvik format to standard hprof. Can you give me some help? Thanks!

Markus Kohler said...

The converter is not yet available for the public, at least that's my latest information. I haven't checked for a while ...

I will check again with the guys from Google, whether it's maybe already available in the latest branch.


sharyu said...

Hi, is there any conclusion right now? Does google has any schedule to publish this kind of tool? Thanks for your quick reply!

Markus Kohler said...


I think that's the tool to convert dalvik dumps to the hprof format.
The hprof file can then be loaded into MAT

sam said...

I am sorry if it is too simple question but i want to know where to get Dalviks dumps from? Can we get them in a file?

Markus Kohler said...

Yes you get a file see my slides in one of my newer posts here.
With 2.1 you can get the file directly out of ddms or Eclipse.

sam said...

I went through those slides. They tell us how to create heap dump file on real device and then copy it to the desktop computer. What if i am testing on emulator? where are the files stored?