Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Latency is Everywhere and it Costs You Sales

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Latency is Everywhere and it Costs You Sales - How to Crush it | High Scalability

"Analysis of sources of latency in downloading web pages by Marc
Abrams. The study examines several sources of latency: DNS, TCP, Web
server, network links, and routers. Conclusion: In most cases, roughly
half of the time is spent from the moment the browser sends the
acknowledgment completing the TCP connection establishment until the
first packet containing page content arrives. The bulk of this time is
the round trip delay, and only a tiny portion is delay at the server.
This implies that the bottleneck in accessing pages over the Internet
is due to the Internet itself, and not the server speed."

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Curt Cox said...

Put another way, designing with latency in mind is the key to snappy web apps.